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21 March 2016

First listen – James Day feat. Glenn Jones and U-Nam on

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So excited to be on this amazing project from so extraordinaire James Day…Check out my favorite track on the album featuring the one and only Glenn Jones…I had so much fun and inspiration recording the solo and all the guitars …I also co-produced the album more on this later…for now listen to “Don’t Waste the Pretty” on

“We’ve been following songwriter extraordinaire James Day since the early days of SoulTracks, and SoulTrackers have made him one of their favorite independent artists. He’s consistently delivered top notch material over the years and has amassed an amazing set of collaborators to turn those songs into recorded magic.

James is getting ready to release his his new album, Repertoire, a great combination of new songs and reimaginings of some of his most popular songs, with guests such as Maysa, the late Gavin Christopher, Trina Broussard, Tony Terry, Audrey Wheeler and many more.

One of the highlights of the upcoming album is a hot dance remix of “Don’t Waste The Pretty,” featuring soul music legend Glenn Jones and guitarist supreme U-Nam, all mixed by Dave Doyle.

James tells us, “what inspired me to write this song 10 years ago is the same thing that inspired me to do this 10th anniversary remix w/ Glenn Jones, U-Nam and Dave Doyle. I was bothered by all the materialism associated with relationships in popular music, and since then it’s only gotten worse with reality show housewives and Kardashians.  “Don’t Waste The Pretty” is a message that reaches back to when romance, love, and the way someone treated you were the qualities we looked for in a relationships.” 

It’s a song with a good message and a beat that is just as strong. Check out “Don’t Waste the Pretty” below, and get ready for the April release of Repertoire!