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09 February 2019

1st review of “Future Love” on the Smooth Jazz Ride

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U-Nam – Future Love

Feb. 9, 2019

One of the busiest producers and among the most prolific c-jazz artists around, guitarist U-Nam is again presenting a colorful collection of original pearls worthy of inclusion in any jazz lover’s library. Future Love is abundant with a solidly generous feel-good jazz vibe that surely stays with you.

Here with many of the artists signed to his Skytown record label (saxman Andrew Chmut, keyboardists Valeriy Stepanov and Mattias Roos, and others) and bassist Alex Al, drummer Michael White, and a host of other contributors, the guitarist comes loaded for bear to deliver that unmistakable U-Nam groove.

U-Nam’s Bensonesque style and dazzling skill, speed, and fluidity on guitar has always been much more than noteworthy. Here is no different as he soars through such catchy tracks as “Changes,” the title track, “Good Old Days,” “Artbeat,” “Before You Leave,” Luther Vandross’ “Get It Right” (one of my faves here), and many more finger-snappin’, head-boppin’ goodies. He comes up for air on the one chilled-out track, the cool & slow R&Bish “My Joy.”

The slick funkiness and cadence of the album is typical U-Nam flavor & texture. The cat definitely knows his way around a fretboard (and keyboard) and a melody. It’s no wonder heavyweight guitarist George Benson likes this guy! He always brings the soul of the music with him wherever he goes. To state the obvious, good is good, but exceptional is another thing altogether.

I fully expect select tracks here to find their way to the top of the charts. If you’re looking for a shot of c-jazz adrenaline, Future Love has your name on a copy. Help yourself. — Ronald Jackson