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Is That So? - Singleicon-downloadicon-download
  1. Is That So? (Radio Edit) // U-Nam - Is That So? - Single
The Essential Collectionicon-downloadicon-download
  1. Soul Breeze (New Song 2017) // U-Nam - The Essential Collection
Groove Paradise E.Picon-downloadicon-downloadicon-download
  1. Groove Paradise (XL Groove Remix) // U-Nam - Groove Paradise (Remixes) E.P
Surface Levelicon-downloadicon-downloadicon-download
  1. Going for Miles // U-Nam - Going for Miles - single
  2. Groove Paradise // U-Nam
  3. Back in Style // U-Nam
  4. Mary Jane (All Night Long) // U-Nam
  5. Plus de Funk! // U-Nam
  6. Spice of Life // U-Nam
  7. Surface Level // U-Nam
  8. West Indeed // U-Nam
  9. The Sound of Music // U-Nam
  10. Cool Blue // U-Nam

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Capital Jazz Super Cruise 2015

21 Jan
0 Days8 Hrs0 Min0 Sec

““This monumental project includes some of my superstar friends who are among the world’s best known artists of our time. The man known as U-Nam, is destined to become one of the most controversial musicians and his music will give you renewed desire for powered guitar. It is an honor to be the subject of this new guitar and musical star. This project sounds FANTASTIC…””

George Benson, Ten time Grammy Award Recipient, NAE Jazz Master and Guitar Legend

“Wicked guitar work from U-Nam – a contemporary musician, but one who’s drank deeply of the best vintage modes from CTI and Kudu Records – and who is one of the few who can really get such a classic sound just right! This album’s got all the sharp edges of a 70s funky fusion set by George Benson or Eric Gale – with tight, thoughtful solos from U-Nam out in the lead – all arranged and produced by the leader himself. Easily the best record so far from this modern funky jazz giant –

Dusty Groove, Dusty Groove

“Employing such effects as strings on select tracks here, U-Nam remains committed to pulling out all stops in bringing you the best he has to offer – and, needless to say, that’s a lot. With his “never miss” style of funk and style, he guides us through a kaleidoscope of sound, employing Benson-like runs and flavorful phrasings. We often say that this artist or that one is like no other, and U-Nam clearly demonstrates with each release that his name should always be among those stand-outs. With that in mind, you’ll find C’est Le Funk to be as much a stand-out.”

Ronald Jackson, Smooth Jazz Ride

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Is That So? (Radio Edit) // U-Nam - Is That So? - Single
  1. Is That So? (Radio Edit) // U-Nam - Is That So? - Single